Andrew Dodds, 'Alive!'

Andrew Dodds has collaborated with teenage musicians from Trinity College of Music and composer Kerry Andrew to create an original soundtrack that explores cultural resonances of the horror film genre. Tracing associations between adolescence, media preoccupations with 'youth' and clandestine uses of the site at Grain, ‘Alive!’ is the unsettling score to an imagined ‘teen slasher' film set in the landscape. Composed and performed by 14 and 15 year-old musicians this mesmerising and haunting work captures something of the inbetween places adolescents often inhabit both physically and psychologically. The site of the broadcast, on the periphery of Grain village, bears archetypal evidence of use by the local youth such as bonfires, empty beer cans and graffiti. In effect, through the writing and playing of this new score, the orchestra have composed the soundtrack to their own ‘environment’ but it also hints at a wider malaise.

Commission / Biography